Hotmelt Tpu Film

Hot melt TPU materials are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. It can be used in multi-purpose works such as hot melt TPU, textile lamination, fabric waterproof fabric coating, sewing tape, hot melt adhesive film, heat transfer lamination.

Hotmelt TPU Applications:

  • Hot Melt Adhesive Film

  • Sewing Tape

  • Textile Lamination

  • Fabric Coverings

  • Heat Seal Fabrics

  • Low Temperature Lamination Sheets

  • Heat Transfer Lamination

  • Automotive Industry

  • Wood work

Hotmelt TPU Features:

  • High adhesion strength to all types of materials

  • Good flexibility at low temperature

  • High extensibility

  • Good tensile strength

  • Fast crystallization rate

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