Polyether Based Tpu Film

Aromatic Polieter films produced in CoreTpu give great results in applications that require direct contact with human skin. Polyethers that can resist high levels of resistance to human skin oils have a high moisture transmission rate (MVTR). Polyether based TPU films can maintain their flexibility even at very low ambient temperatures. They can also last a long time without any slight deformation or deformation in high-humidity environments. Polyethers that can be easily assembled will not allow the development of fungi and similar organisms as they give a softer touch feeling than plastic products. Polyether products are frequently used as adhesive layer or barrier layer in multi-layer products.

Polyether based TPU films have the following properties:

1. Prevents fungal growth.

2. Maintains flexibility at low temperatures.

3. Has extraordinarily hydrolytic durability.

4. Resistant to low levels of acids and their derivatives.

5. It is especially recommended that flexibility and tension from medium to high level be used in required applications.

6. High resistance against explosion: The almost same ester-containing tube shows the same performance.

7. Polyurethane based polyurethanes may continue to remain in the water at temperatures that reach 50 °C (122 °F) for extended periods of time. The water absorption grades are between 0.3 and 1% of their weight and the swelling ratios are insignificant enough to be ignored.

8. It has proven to be more durable than ester based products. Polyester-based products, or in other words, tubes, have been shown to be available for an average of 5 years compared to their service life of up to 3 years.

9. They usually cost less than polyester-based products.

10. Humidity resistances for pneumatic applications are high.

Polyether-based TPU films offer much longer lifetime, durability and resiliency compared to all thermoplastic polyurethanes, including polyester-based TPU films. It can maintain its flexibility in comparison to its peers at very low temperatures and performs much better.

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